Innovative Back-to-School Projects

Whether you are an adult, teenager, or child, going back to school is nerve-racking! Don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredibly exciting time, to learn and meet new friends and colleagues, but these can be stressful times as well. The good news is that creative noggins and Pinterest articles have inspired fun and exciting “Back-to-school” ideas that you can implement at home and, in some cases, at school too!



What could be more satisfying than growing your own food?—food that you know was tended to with love and care. For those very reasons, the food we grow often tastes that much more satisfying. The practice of gardening acts a powerful stress-reliever and a meaningful technique for showing young’uns the rewarding nature of growing food, from seed to the table. If your home is not equipped for a garden, see if the school will join in creating one by following the steps in this article.



Make the home workspace interesting and appealing! With a neat and organized space, you will be much more inclined to get things done! We know that that motivation is a key to success, so why not pull on those creative threads in your head and design your dream work station? Need ideas? Checkout this link for fun and simple tips for making it come to life!



Mental health is a significant contributor towards our functionality and wellbeing. We continue to see more students and adults uplift and inspire their peers. We rarely find techniques in the classroom that teach students to love and take care of themselves. This piece of knowledge may inspire you to integrate meditation and mindfulness into your morning routine and even in adolescents’ homerooms.



Sandwiches and lunchables are old news! Balanced meals make a huge difference in the way we feel and heal! As mentioned in our recent blog, bowls are trending for a number of good reasons! They look delicious, are very scrumptious and filling, and hit all your nutrient needs in one! In addition to our blog, checkout this article for inspiration and recipes that’ll satisfy any individual’s appetite!