Perfect for the fresh generation

Today’s culinary creators are fresh foodies, DIY grill masters, healthy snack sharers, and kitchen trailblazers. They crave diverse and flavorful dishes, take pride in creating new things, and care about where their food comes from. We’ve always focused on fresh gourmet taste, convenience, accessibility, and affordability – making our specialty fruits and vegetables perfect for today’s fresh generation.
Gourmet Chef preparing french beans

Our Roots

For nearly three decades, chefs at the finest restaurants have counted on us for fresh produce year-round. Today, we’re proud to share the same gourmet quality with you to enjoy at home. Whether you’re a chef, mom, or someone who loves to try new things, it’s easy to dive right in and create something special with Southern Selects.

Growing in the Americas

We’ve searched the Americas to bring you fresh, flavorful, and nutritious produce all year long. Each product is special, and has its own unique growing requirements to help it thrive. We’ve found the ideal micro climate for each of our products from the finest farms in North, South and Central America, and Canada.

Farm Landscape
Father and Son with Baby Carrots

Safe & Healthy Produce

At Southern Specialties, food safety is our top priority. Which is why we engage in the best food safety practices every step of the way. Food safety begins on the farms, where our growers monitor water sources, limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides, and rely on the use of beneficial insects. We follow comprehensive guidelines and procedures at every stage of production – from planting and harvesting in the field to processing and distribution.

Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability has been part of our framework since our founding over twenty-five years ago. We work hard to use natural resources wisely and care for our farmlands to have the least impact on the environment. Many of our products are Fair Trade Certified. Our assistance provides direct benefits to local school systems, helps bring in more doctors and dentists, and boosts the growth of healthy team activities like children’s intramural soccer.

Kid Playing Soccer