Fresh & BOWLD Summer Flavors

Summer season has officially started! Trying to get ahead of trends is not the easiest task, so we did the work for you. We decided to stick to what we know, fruits and veggies, of course. Certainly, these picks will quench your cravings for the cool, the colorful, and the unforgettable this summer!

Whether you’re chillaxin’ on the beach or being productive in a hip coffee joint, creating your own summer experiences is just a click away. Opportunities to fulfill summer food cravings are endless, but also overwhelming! Here is one trend that will be sure to inspire your taste buds and creativity in the kitchen—BOWLS! They are a science and an art in themselves so we think it’s deserving of it’s own blog post.


Papaya Boat Bowls

Photo Credit/Recipe from Floating Kitchen


Talk about being environmentally friendly and creative at the same time! Papaya boats are clever and scrumptious! Rather than having to blend a smoothie, wash the blender, and the bowl you eat/drink it from, use the papaya flesh as the “smoothie” base and the toppings in the middle! You can even enjoy this in a smaller Golden papaya, especially as an energizing snack later in the day.


Asian-inspired/ Poke bowls

Photo Credit/ Recipe from Half Baked Harvest


Asian-inspired foods have popped up everywhere—from ramen noodle joints to bubble tea cafes! Poke bowls have recently made the list and for a number of good reasons. Pick and choose fresh ingredients you enjoy together—tropical fruits, ahi tuna, edamame, etc.—and you got yourself a tasty and nourishing meal. The best part is that you can easily make your own at home and save the extra $ in your piggy bank!


Avocado Bowls

Photo Credit/ Recipe from Minimalist Baker


Avocado is old news…said no one ever! This insanely versatile fruit is a world record holder for the number of recipes it has been included in. It’s just that good! Well, just like its fruity relative, the papaya, this fruit’s pit is now getting replaced for diverse fillings, such as taco stuffing! This recipe has given you two ways to dip your toes in the waters surrounding avocado boats…and trust us, you won’t be turning back.