Halloween Fruits & Veggies

With all of those Halloween sweets, you’re going to want to balance out your party snacks with something healthy. But, how do you incorporate healthy foods on Halloween in a fun, festive way? We’re here for you with some healthy Halloween inspiration!

Rainbow carrots are a great option for Halloween because they fit the color scheme naturally and can be used with just about any veggie dip recipe you can find! Use them to create fun Halloween shapes or pair with a simple dip to make your party prep quick and easy. Here is an idea for you that would work perfectly with our Southern Selects Rainbow Baby Carrots. You could even use the purple carrots in the dip to make it look extra scary, and use the rest of the carrots for dipping!



If you want your kids to eat some healthy snacks as well, but veggies aren’t really their thing, here is another idea using fruit. This will be the perfect fuel for your kids before going out to trick-or-treat, and they will love the fun shapes. The best part is they’re sweet without being unhealthy; maybe they’ll just eat these instead of all that candy!

If you like getting a little artsy, creating Halloween scenes or shapes is great use for veggies at your Halloween get together. Here’s a Southern Selects sugar snap pea Frankenstein we loved! You can make all kinds of things, from cauliflower ghosts to carrot pumpkins. Or for a little carving fun, try these cute Jack-o-Lantern fruit bowls!

Now that we’ve given you some inspiration, we have a challenge for you. See what fun, healthy Halloween creations you can come up with and tag us on social media to show us!

Pssst… Bonus points if you use Southern Selects! We may even like it so much we’ll repost!