Brussels Sprouts Blog Feature

Trending Veggie: Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts have stolen the spotlight when it comes to fall food, and if you haven’t tried one of the delicious recipes that are circulating through restaurants, it’s about time to jump on this tasty bandwagon! Brussels sprouts’ flavor profile is sweet and mildly nutty with a touch of pungency. It is similar to a baby cabbage but milder and denser. These attributes make it perfect for nutritious fall comfort food dishes, as brussels sprouts are packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and many other nutrients.


Photo Credit: Bon Appétit

Celebrity chef David Chang adds an Asian twist to the veggie with his go-to Thanksgiving dish. Bon Appétit magazine reimagines them as an “Adorable mini salad green” in a slaw recipe as well as a topping in their Brussels sprouts pizza creation. Brussels sprouts are versatile enough to use in a variety of recipes and never get bored.

Consider these ideas to prepare your own delicious Brussels sprouts dish at home. Roasting Brussels sprouts is a great way to bring out all of the veggie’s dynamic flavors, especially when they are tossed in something that will caramelize as they cook (think of using honey or maple syrup). You can contrast the sweetness with something salty- some small pieces of bacon tossed in with the sprouts can be the perfect addition. Consider the convenience of creating a large Brussels sprouts recipe for family and friends. Southern Selects Brussels Sprouts are perfect for your Thanksgiving celebrations! Happy cooking!