Mother’s Day

We all love our moms. Sometimes it can be difficult to show them just how much. On Mother’s Day, we want to be sure to wow our moms and show them we appreciate all they’ve done for us. Creating a special day for our moms is all about giving back with gifts and kind actions from the heart. If you feel like you’re out of ideas or don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back with some Mother’s Day essentials.


For one, be sure to have breakfast or brunch planned so she doesn’t need to do anything. If your family doesn’t go out to eat on Mother’s Day, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your appreciation by working together to cook up something delicious for the family while she gets to relax. This asparagus, spinach, and feta quiche is the perfect recipe. It’s fancy enough to impress mom, but simple enough you won’t have to worry about a complicated recipe. Don’t forget- mom shouldn’t clean on Mother’s Day! Be sure to get everything done so she doesn’t end up having to work on her day.

PC: Two Peas & Their Pod


Break out your creative side! All moms love receiving homemade gifts from their kids. You’re never too old to break out the arts and crafts supplies to create a heartfelt card for your mother.  She’ll see how much time and thought went into creating it, and love it regardless of artistic skill level. Try a simple watercolor flower card, or these adorable diy pom-pom cards.

PC: Design for Soul


Finding the perfect gift for your mom is always difficult. Moms tend to be pretty good at shopping for themselves and always seem to have everything your think would make a great gift. If your mom is impossible to shop for, don’t forget that it’s the thought that counts. If you have managed to get the family together to celebrate her, she’ll most likely be happy just to see effort you put into acknowledging all she’s done. So, relax, and focus on showing her your appreciation. Have a fun day together, and the time spent together will be the best gift of all!


To all moms reading this, happy Mother’s Day from everyone here at Southern Selects!