Game Day Apps for the Win

This game day, create an appetizer table more popular than the half time entertainment! To break out of the tired nachos and chips routine mix tradition with new favorites by enjoying new flavors and even bringing more veggies to the table. Your friends will be grateful for the flavorful, lighter, options and impressed with your creativity. We’ve gathered some fresh ideas to get your party started; hope you enjoy!

Everyone loves a great tradition, so we don’t believe in straying away from the tried-and-true game day food- chicken wings. Kick yours up a notch this year with a whole new flavor profile- blueberry BBQ. Our recipe for Southern Selects Blueberry BBQ Wings packs some sweet heat that everyone will be craving for days.

Guacamole is another game day classic you won’t want to leave out. This year, upgrade it with new ingredients to surprise and delight! Click here to check out a great list of ideas by Delish!

Brussels sprouts are at peak popularity now, and with good reason. They can be a fun appetizer or game day snack. Get them nice and crispy and pair them with a tasty dipping sauce, and they’ll become a new must-have in your app line up. Try this recipe by Real Food Dietitians with garlic bacon aoli and you’ll see what we mean.

Don’t forget, nothing beats a good vegetable tray! Let veggies’ natural flavors shine by serving quality, gourmet raw veggies cut and ready to eat- the perfect finger food snack. But, don’t settle for the usual vegetable tray… seek out beautiful specialty veggies like baby rainbow carrotsand other baby veggies that will make your tray colorful and gourmet. Check out these beautiful creations by Love and Lemons and Always Order Dessert for some inspiration!


And with that, we wish you good luck with your cooking endeavors and good luck to whichever team you’re rooting for! We’ll just be rooting for the apps 🙂