Dreaming of Summertime Heirlooms

If you haven’t tried an heirloom tomato, you’re missing out on the best tasting, and most colorful tomato there is (especially if it’s from Southern Selects)! The heirloom tomato’s distinctive, genuine flavor gives it an exceptional reputation in the tomato family. When you taste one, it’s clear why their seeds have been passed down through the generations- to preserve the true heirloom taste that cannot be rivaled by any of our modern tomatoes. We select each variety for its flavorful qualities, and great appearance, so you know you are getting the best product with a Southern Selects heirloom tomato.

Tomato lovers no longer have to put up with tasteless, mealy, winter time flavors. We have solved this problem for you with heirlooms that bring you summertime flavor all year long! Our greenhouses provide the ideal climate throughout the seasons, so you never have to go without your favorite tomatoes. Our growing practices are good for the environment too!  We never use more than the exact amount of water and nutrients to produce the very best tomatoes.

Here are a couple of great ways to enjoy those tasty heirlooms!

Southern Selects baby heirlooms with BBQ shrimp showcases a match made in heaven. Swing by our recipe page to make it for yourself!


We know your mouth is watering just looking at these perfectly stuffed and roasted gems. Check out the recipe by Running to the Kitchen here.

Photo Credit: Running to the Kitchen


Still interested in learning more about what makes an heirloom tomato so special? We thought so. This informative article from Huffington Post explains the reasoning behind their real, authentic flavor and value behind their beautiful exterior.

Happy heirloom hunting!