Community Spotlight: Feeding South Florida

In the state of Florida alone, 1 in 7 people go hungry and 1 in 5 children go hungry. Southern Specialties is proud to be able to contribute to an organization dedicated to alleviating this unfortunate statistic. In collaborating with Feeding South Florida, we have found a great alternative home for excess fruits and vegetables from our farms!

Pictured above: Examples of our donated items, such as avocados and French beans


Feeding South Florida is a hunger-relief charity that serves millions of Americans in the state of Florida. They act as the middle man by taking our donated produce and making sure it goes to those in need. Their wide effort to tackle food-related issues, such as poverty and food insecurity, has led to a number of programs that you can learn more about here. We work directly with the Feeding South Florida branch, and are proud of our collaboration to fight hunger in our local communities. Over the past ten years, Southern Specialties has surpassed 1.5 million pounds in food donations to Feeding South Florida.

Pictured above: Employees Juan Mendez (left) and Eric Ford (right) with a Southern Specialties plaque from Feeding South Florida


We continue to work towards the goal of ending hunger and reducing waste. We would like to share resources for storing food properly and preventing food waste at home. Make sure you head on over to our Tackling Food Waste at Home article after this to discover ways to be more food savvy in your own household!