Behind the Beans

Our secrets to bringing you the best, tastiest specialty produce in the most responsible manner lie with our relationships. Allan Safieh has been a part of the Southern Specialties story for many years. Our dedication to achieving top quality through innovation is personified in the growing operations Allan runs for our company.

One can find our Southern Selects French beans growing in several areas of Guatemala. What each location offers is the healthiest soil, happiest plants and most thriving environment to produce the perfect vegetables. We enlist reliable food safety controls, such as rigorous water testing to ensure the food that reaches your plate is the purest and healthiest. We produce the tastiest veggies through extensive testing of plant varieties to bring you the most flavorful French bean nature can provide—French beans you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

We do all this while working in harmony with the surrounding environment. Allan’s approach to sustainable farming includes measures to increase the honey bee population by allowing bees and plants to thrive in a mutually beneficial environment. He utilizes growing methods that conserve water, prevent erosion, and protect the natural ecosystem. A huge advancement for these efforts has been the switch to integrated pest management. Using helpful insects to fight off pests allows for a decrease in the use of pesticides, protecting the consumer of Southern Selects French beans along with the environment in which they grow—satisfying both your taste buds and the environment!