The Day After Thanksgiving

As the tryptophan wares off, and you wake up from your food coma, the last thing on your mind is another heavy meal. With all those Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge, you would hate to let perfectly delicious food go to waste. Of course, there is the all-time favorite leftover turkey sandwich. However, this time consider enjoying lighter, healthier fare to recover from yesterday’s feast. We have come up with some creative ideas to share the lighter side of Thanksgiving with friends and family.

For the morning after, a frittata is the perfect way to throw together a large breakfast for the whole family to enjoy. Incorporate any leftover vegetables from your Thanksgiving meal into a healthy breakfast full of protein and nutrients. Southern Selects asparagus or French beans are the perfect candidates to be used in this dish. This will be a great way to use up some of that ham, too!

For lunch or dinner, make sure you already have some greens on hand, and you’ll be all set to whip up a light salad with your leftovers! Roasted veggies make great salad toppings that introduce color, flavor and nutrients. Southern Selects Brussels sprouts (tips to reheat crispy roasted Brussels) and Rainbow baby carrots are Thanksgiving side dishes that are perfect for a light lunch the next day. If you still crave warm comfort food, soup is a great way to use up a wide variety leftovers. Use the turkey, and turkey bones, to make a meaty broth, then throw in any leftover veggies you think would be a tasty addition. You will have a light and delicious turkey pot pie soup!

For more great ideas, check out the recipes section of our website. Try using turkey in the mango chicken lettuce wraps or introducing other veggies into our French bean mango salad.

We hope you enjoy the lighter side of Thanksgiving!