Switching the Reds for Blues this V Day!

Although we all know every day should be extra special, the month of February is truly a lovely time to treat your other half like royalty! This doesn’t have to mean booking a reservation at a five star restaurant or a luxurious weekend getaway in Bali, but an opportunity to create something that’ll genuinely impress your special someone.

Most of us could probably agree that we may love food more than anything (including our other half in some cases…shhh don’t tell!), so why not plan a simple but fabulous 4 course dinner for two!? Worried that you can’t cook for the life of you? Trust us, we got your back!


COCKTAIL –> Blueberry Champagne Cocktail w/ Rum, Lime & Mint by Gluten Free with L.B.

~Essentials: Southern Selects Blueberries & Limes~

Yes, that’s right. We made the cocktail a course in itself because it requires a dash of love and a pinch of effort that’ll set the mood and be sure to spice things up! Our Southern Selects blueberries and limes are the perfect duo for this blueberry champagne cocktail with rum and mint:

Photo Credit: GF with L.B.


APPETIZER –> Flatbread Salad Pizza by Vanilla and Bean 

~Essentials: Southern Selects Asparagus & Baby Heirloom Tomatoes~

Flatbreads are just about the simplest, most delicious appetizers you could piece together within minutes! What’s not to love when you have a pizza and salad combined into one epic appetizer? This recipe grabs the crunch and tenderness of our Southern Selects asparagus and juicy sweetness of our baby heirloom tomatoes!  It’s perfect for sharing between two lovebirds…but it might be gone before you know it…


Photo Credit: Vanilla and Bean


ENTRÉE –> Baby Back Ribs w/ Blueberry Balsamic BBQ Sauce by Kitchen Confidante

~Essentials: Southern Selects Blueberries~

Nothing says baby more than baby back ribs! Sweet and savory notes of the blueberry balsamic sauce will put a love spell on you and your partner…let alone your taste buds. The tenderness of the meat in combination with this ultimate sauce will ensure that your dinner is, at the very least, magical!

*TIP: For quicker preparation, you can purchase precooked ribs and make the delicious blueberry barbecue sauce to spoon over!


Photo Credit: Kitchen Confidante


DESSERT –> Blueberry Raw Cheesecake by The Awesome Green

~Essentials: Southern Selects Blueberries~

With only six ingredients (blueberries, lemon, coconut milk, dates, cashews & almonds) and no baking required, this incredibly light and fresh dessert will impress you just as much as your other half! The celebration of love and compassion shines through with the colors of these berries, so what are you waiting for?


Photo Credit: The Awesome Green


Now, this is a meal you can truly say is made purely with love, for your love!