Picnic Perfect

Tis’ the season—picnic season! It’s that time of year when you just have to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine every chance you get, so of course picnicking is on your summer bucket list. Going for a picnic can be simple if you are prepared and have some stellar recipes up your sleeve. We are sharing some of our tips and reminders to help you have the best picnic ever!

Ensure you’ll have all the tools and accessories to keep your picnic guests happy. Go through a checklist like this one from Real Simple to ensure you’re not forgetting any little details.


A couple of bonus tips from the pros:

  • For ice cold drinks, pack your ice cubes in a thermos or two so they won’t melt before you get to use them!
  • The food is important piece but don’t forget other details such as bug repellent! Bugs can be a big downer during outdoor activities, so remember citronella candles or natural repellents such as lavender to keep them at bay!
  • Packing a salad? Bring all the ingredients in a mason jar- just pack the dressing at the bottom with hardier vegetables. This way you can keep everything together without ending up with a soggy salad!


Decide what kind of picnic you want to have- do you just want to enjoy snacks with friends outdoors, or do you want an all-out feast? Here are some options we’ve found for inspiration:

  1. If you are setting up where there’s a grill handy, simply bring prepped ingredients, then have a “Build your own kebabs” picnic! This minimizes the work you have to do, so you can put more effort into little details like bringing a fun drink or dessert!

2. Make it a light and healthy picnic, but still impress with these fantastic recipes from Greatist.

3. Feel like having yourself a fancy British picnic? These recipes from Jamie Oliver will be right up your alley!

With these tips and recipes in hand, you should be all set to host the perfect picnic. We hope you are enjoying your summer outdoors with good food and friends!