Asparagus on Plate

Oprah Loves Asparagus!

We love asparagus and Oprah does too! She has brought us memorable interviews, movies, and now recipes! Her Prosciutto with Asparagus and Arugula Rolls recipe has caught our attention and we can’t wait to share it with you! Appropriately, our largest commodity for Southern Selects is asparagus and for valid reasons. One of those reasons is that they provide an interesting spin to any dish! Whether it’s a fancy French gallette, pizza topping, or stir-fry, this vegetable adds the perfect crunch and touch of flavor in its own unique way.


Photo: Christoper Testani

In this innovative recipe from the subtle nutty flavor of blanched asparagus is complimented by the bitter arugula leaves and then wrapped with a thin blanket of prosciutto. Sound delicious? We think so too, but it gets even better. Southern Selects offers three different asparagus varieties of green, white, and purple, each bringing a different flavor profile…so you can pick and choose what type suits your taste buds best. Check out our product descriptions for more details on each of these. Add this to a creamy pasta dish or eat it on its own and you got yourselves a winner!