Meet Edwin Sanabria

Edwin Sanabria is part of the Southern Specialties history, and his values are an enduring element of the framework of our company. His commitment to the community is reflected in his dedication to providing premium quality produce in the most responsible manner.

Ededwin-farmerwin believes in providing the safest, highest quality product to the customer without compromising the wellbeing of the people or the environment. You might say this sentiment is in his blood. His grandparents both farmed in Guatemala’s highland and desert areas. Although his parents did not farm, they were clearly direct influences on his intelligence and heart for the community. His father was an engineer and his mother a teacher. Edwin decided to return to his family’s roots and pursue agriculture, obtaining a degree in agronomy from San Carlos University and continuing his academic endeavors through studies at Purdue University and the University of Vienna.

In the 1980’s Robert Colescott, CEO of Southern Specialties, and his former employer approached Edwin with the idea of growing specialty produce that would improve the lives of the farmers and provide them year round income. Today, under Edwin’s guidance and with the support of Southern Specialties, the 240 member strong cooperative undergoes extensive agricultural and food safety education. Modern facilities enable excellent cold chain management and hundreds of families live better lives thanks to Edwin and Southern Specialties.