Fall Flavors

What do you love most about fall? Is it the colorful, rustling leaves? The crisp air? The fresh apple cider? Or, like us, do you get most excited about the delicious fall food? Nothing says fall like cooking up your own bountiful harvest of veggies with warm spices and classic fall flavors. Looking forward to chilly nights and dinners with friends, we’ve gathered some easy recipes to get you in the fall spirit!

1. Roasted Brussels sprouts are a fall favorite of ours. Use your favorite fall flavors to complement them and other tasty veggies. For something particularly decadent, be sure to add some bacon. Feel like a little sweetness? You can use maple syrup or brown sugar to glaze the veggies. And, if you prefer a touch of crunch, toss toasted pecans in the mix. These ingredients provide options that you can mix and match throughout the season to keep things interesting! Here are some great recipes for inspiration.

  • To keep it simple, try these honey roasted balsamic Brussels sprouts.


2. Carrots are another classic fall ingredient we love. Not only do they add great flavor to your dishes, but they also highlight the beautiful fall colors!


3. Finally, we want to highlight an underrated fall ingredient, tomatoes. Tomatoes seem to get all the attention for the summer, but they are great for fall recipes too!

  • Take this tomato soup with the crunchy, unique detail of its popcorn topping.

  • Another creative option is to use them in a tart or pastry. Take this recipe for an heirloom tomato galette, for instance. With warm honeyed goat cheese, it easily transitions heirloom tomatoes from a summer food to fall food. Cooked tomatoes give any dish a hearty yet fresh taste, perfect to keep you warm and nourished in the fall.


Happy fall, everybody, and if you have any more fall food ideas, be sure to tag us on social media to show us what your favorites are!